Report: Entrepreneurs and Startups in Ghana- August 2013

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Country: Ghana
Sector: Entrepreneurship and startups
Date: August 2013
Executive Summary
The country of Ghana has a great obsession with the idea of having foreign investors attracted by its economy. Therefore, it is very common to see how the country celebrates various entrepreneurial contests as well as worldwide known conferences to try to bring together some of the most innovative ideas for some of the most astonishing business plans. 
As you may further reed in some of the following articles, there’s a strong determination to strengthen the country’s economy with the help of innovative ideas. For this reason, there’s a need to invest capital and effort in three main areas which are: human’s development, environment and entrepreneurship. The country has to close the long and exhausting gaps that have been existing in the past decades in relation to these areas. This century requires radical changes that help the country advance. We have to underline a concept that clearly illustrates this idea which is “impact investing”, which states that strong and categorical strategies much be carried out in order to assure the country’s progress. 
In relation to the entrepreneurial competitions held, we must point out the “Ghana made products awards” which is hosted by the country’s government and that tries to help Ghanaian made products as well as Ghanaian fabricators. We must also mention some of the conferences which are being celebrated in the country in relation to entrepreneurship. We can stand out the BarCamp and the West Africa Business Expo. 

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