Report: Entrepreneurs and Startups in Ghana- July 2013

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Country: Ghana

Sector: Entrepreneur and startups

Date: July 2013

Executive summary:

It is more than clear that the Ghanaian economy nourishes significantly from entrepreneurship. There are various projects that try to make true this idea and it is worth mentioning some of the most outstanding. 

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG) has one main goal which is to award Ghanaian-made products as to open a gateway to economic development. Produced products must have a main addressee which is the Ghanaian population as a way of bolstering the country’s economy. 

Furthermore, Ghanaians have the opportunity to make true some of their business plan through a Ghanaian-based incubator called iSpace which offers tech entrepreneurs the perfect startup ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurship advices have been transmitted by some recognized successful Ghanaian entrepreneurs as a way of demonstrating that  there’s hope for economic prosperity. Companies such as Dropifi, Nuba Foods and Commodities, Oxford & Beaumont, Horseman shoes,… are some of Ghanaian entrepreneurs new-born firms. 

Entrepreneurship and charity walk hand in hand. West Africa Acumen is a social venture capital fund that invests in entrepreneurs that build businesses that provide goods and services that fight poverty. To the day, $6.7m have been invested in Ghana and Nigeria. 

“The youth is the hope of the future”. The philanthropic entrepreneur Robert King and his wife Dorothy are owners of SEED, an institution which is dedicated to the practical application of innovation and entrepreneurship to create jobs. The article: “Forum focuses on doing business in Africa” underlines Barack Obama’s speech during one of his visits to Africa, where he called for a needed change; a change that would have to be conducted by brave leaders with strong appetite for risk-taking. 



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