Report: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Ghana- July 2013

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Country: Ghana
Sector: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Date: July 2013

Executive Summary:

Ghana is glad to offer a perfect environment to develop a strong Information and Communications Technology sector. In order to express the reality of its potential, we have highlighted some of the most relevant news that will help understand why Ghana has been considered by the International Telecommunication Union in the year 2011 one of the top ten most dynamic performing countries. These news can be classified into four main sections which we’ll now explain in detail; these are: the Government’s role in the ICT sector, the “technologies golden age”, tech startups and Ghana attractiveness for foreign investors.

Ghana will be celebrating in October two conferences related to the telecommunication sector. The Regional Development Forum and the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the World Telecommunications Development Conference will serve as a platform for open dialogues and for cooperation. There is a strong need from the government to own a stake in the technology sector and to illustrate such fact it is worth reading the articles related to the Governments plan to facilitate internet access in schools, as well as some of the measures which are being implemented in order to control and supervise the use of internet.The truth is that the Telecom and ICT Industry has not been overshadowed by the Ghana’s oil exploration. There are remarkable facts that can explain the country’s technologies golden age. For example, the mobile penetration in the year 2012 crossed the 100 percent mark, the mobile sector creates around 1.5 million jobs, it represents 10% of the government income and 2% of its GDP, Ghanaians are being educated about technology while affordable smarthphones are rapidly sold to mobile-first owners, tablets such as the Phantom Pad 8.0 are launched by Ghanaian companies,…

Yeboao, Dropifi, Leti Games, iSpace are some of the newest entrepreneurial projects that have germinated in Ghana. Startups have been found to be once more the perfect formula to teach the young, ways of building ideas that could more than possibly help them  overpass there unprivileged life’s.

Finally, Ghana is a land of opportunities, or that’s what a delegation of 20 Japanese that have landed in Ghana  firmly believe. The widely-known Canadian company, Voxox, is also aware of such reality and therefore has carried out an interesting investment in the country in order to offer a wide variety of communication services.  

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