Tecno Takes West Africa by Storm, Launches Phantom Pad, 8.0” in Ghana

Francisco Grau's picture

 Tecno Mobile, the rising star, doesn’t seem to want to stop its march as it expands its spread in the smartphone space. If The Western media [those based in the US and Europe] ever write about Tecno, they’re going to categorise it as one of those no name Android phone makers that are eating into the shares of Samsung.

Well, what you choose to call Tecno doesn’t matter anymore. You can choose to call them Chinko, China Made, Knock off or rip off. Whatever you call them, they are bent on dominating the market and giving users what they want.
Recently they launched the Tecno Phantom A, F7. As soon as they did that, I reckoned that I saw a Tablet in the wild running Android being christened as a Tecno Android Pad. Lo and behold, the tablet is not a rumour, but a real tablet.

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